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 Friday, July 29, 2016
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Remarks by Ambassador Ton Sinh Thanh at the Press Conference on the coming Vietnam Film Festival in Sri Lanka

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Vietnam Embassy in coordination with the Sri Lanka’s National Film Corporation will organize a Vietnam Film Festival from 15th to 19th February 2012. We shall introduce to the Sri Lankan film lovers a collection of five best films of Vietnam, which have been awarded with international and national prizes.

In the inauguration, we shall show you a new famous film - “Don’t burn”. It is the story of the diary of a young woman doctor who worked at a national liberation front hospital for two years starting in 1968 until her death. Her diary speaks of her devotion to family and friends, the horrors of war. The American officer who discovered the diary soon after her death was under standing orders to destroy all documents without military value. As he was about to throw it into the flames, the Vietnamese translator said to him, “Don’t burn. . . It has fire in it already.” Against regulations, the officer preserved the diary and kept it for thirty-five years. The diary was soon published in Vietnam, causing a national sensation, and then translated into English and published in the USA.

There will be another two films about the war. One is the film “Hanoi Little girl” about life in Hanoi during the war in the 1970s.  The other film is “Wild Field”, which is about sacrifice suffered by the Vietnamese people in the South to protect their homeland.

We shall also show you two love story films. The film “Story of Pao” is a complicated love story in the mountainous area of Vietnam. And the film “The moon in the bottom of the well” is another sad love story in a traditional society of Vietnam.

We hope that this film festival will help the Sri Lankan audience understand more about Vietnam and its people in the past and at present. They may also have some ideas about the development of Vietnam film industry.

This is the first time a film festival of Vietnam takes place in Sri Lanka. It is also the first activity among other cultural exchange events to be organized by the two countries this year. A Sri Lankan dance troupe will go to Vietnam to participate in the Hue Festival in April. An exhibition of Vietnamese paintings will be held in Colombo in June. A cultural troupe of Vietnam will visit Sri Lanka end of this year. We believe that these activities will promote further the friendly relationship and multifaceted cooperation between Vietnam and Sri Lanka.

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